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About Blake Electric Co.
Blake Electric Co. began in 1931. We started out as an appliance sales and repair service. We are currently licensed electricians in the Annabella, UT area providing a full range of commercial and residential electrical most efficient solar panels services. Blake Electric Co. is focused on providing high quality most efficient solar panels services and customer satisfaction to our customers in the Annabella, UT area. Blake Electric Co. is prepared to take on any most efficient solar panels repairs or installations. For results call 435-896-5468 today.
What Makes Us Unique?
Blake Electric Co. has been in business in the Annabella, UT area for 86 years. We have four electricians who have a combined 70 years of most efficient solar panels experience. Blake Electric Co. strives to provide prompt and quality most efficient solar panels services to ensure the satisfaction of each and every customer in the Annabella, UT area. No most efficient solar panels project is ever too big or small for us. Blake Electric Co. has a dedicated staff in the Annabella, UT area to assist with your most efficient solar panels projects. For most efficient solar panels results call 435-896-5468.
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These days solar energy is quickly becoming the favorite of energy sources and why not? Sunlight is free of charge, depending on where you live it is plentiful and it's clean energy. Installing solar panels should be done by a professional as they need to install them in an area such as a roof because of the direct sunlight. Do research and speak to a pro for the most current information on Solar heating.

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